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  • !!! SNIŽENO !!!

    Garmin ForeRunner 35 Optic Black

    Built-in GPS - built-in to acquire satellites quickly to track how far, how fast and where you run, even under tree cover. No phone required!;Water rating : 5 ATM, 24/7 heart rate monitoring - warm gives you heart rate all day and night -no additional Strap required. sunlight-visible, transflective memory-in-pixel (MIP), Vibration alerts - helpful vibration alerts notify you of running prompts, activity tracking milestones, smart notifications and virtual pacing progress, Updated display - new high resolution display that is perfect for indoor/outdoor viewing. Smartphone compatibility- iPhone, Android. Compatible with Garmin Connect Mobile. Display size- 0.93 x 0.93 inches, Smart connectivity - auto uploads, smart notifications, live track, music controls and automatic sw updates

    380,00 KMKUPI

  • Garmin VivoSmart 3

    The thinnest HR-equipped activity tracker from Garmin at 4mm thinner and more form fitting than Vivosmart HR; Strap material: silicone, While not in use, the discreet display disappears into the device so as not to overshadow your style. Display size: 0.38 x 0.76 inches, Display resolution: 64 x 128 pixels, Measures VO2 Max, which is widely recognized as an excellent measure of your aerobic fitness and should increase as your fitness improves, Stress monitoring enables users to see periods of elevated stress or restful recovery, New strength training activity will count sets, reps, and rest times and will push them to Garmin Connect for review

    249,00 KMKUPI

  • Gator Claw Kontroler Za PS4 i PC

    Controller For Sony PlayStation and PC, Curved triggers for better control, Concave sticks with grip for optimal precision, Clickable central button, Asymmetric sticks, Vibration, Length of cable: 3 meters

    69,00 KMKUPI

  • Gears of War /X360

    20,00 KMKUPI

  • GEMBIRD adapter HDTV A-MHL01-003 micro-USB to HDMI

    39,00 KMKUPI

  • Gembird adapter kabl VGA to HDMI-01

    GEMBIRD adapter kabl VGA na HDMI 0.15m (Crni) Adapter, VGA muški, HDMI A - ženski, 0.15m

    50,00 KMKUPI

  • Gembird Kabl Napojni 3pin za Laptop 1,8m PC-186-ML12

    10,00 KMKUPI

  • Gembird Kabl napojni Y molex + atx 4pin CC-PSU-4

    7,00 KMKUPI

  • Gembird Produžni kabl sa zaštitom 5 utičnica 1.8m SPG3-B-6C

    18,00 KMKUPI

  • Gembird Produžni kabl sa zaštitom 5 utičnica 1.8m SPG3-B-6W

    19,00 KMKUPI

  • Gembird Produžni kabl sa zaštitom 5 utičnica 4.5m SPG3-B-15C

    27,00 KMKUPI

  • Gembird Produžni kabl sa zaštitom 6 utičnica 1.8m SPG6-B-6C

    22,00 KMKUPI

  • Gembird Produžni kabl sa zaštitom 6 utičnica 3m SPG6-B-10C

    24,00 KMKUPI

  • Genie AHD HDTVI HDCVI CVBS to HDMI VGA Composite

    Video Converter

    0,01 KMKUPI

  • Genius Media Presenter 100

    Working Distance: 10m, Wireless Technology: 2.4GHz, USB Pico receiver, F5/ESC, Up/ Next/ Page, Laser Pointer, 2xAAA batteries included

    55,00 KMKUPI

  • Genius Slimstar Tastatura+Miš C130 USB

    USB interface, optical mouse, BiH layout

    28,00 KMKUPI

  • Genius Tastatura + miš Wireless Slimstar 8008

    Bežična tastatura i miš, USB

    45,00 KMKUPI

  • Genius Zvučnici SP-U115 USB WHITE


    16,00 KMKUPI

  • NOVO

    Geovision IP Kamera GV-BL110D 1.3M

    1/3" progressive scan CMOS image sensor, 3.6 - 9 mm Vari-focal Lens, Dual video streams from two of H.264, MPEG4 and MJPEG, 15 fps at 1280 x 1024 resolution (1 Megapixel), 30 fps at 640 x 512 (VGA), IP66 Weatherproof compliant, Concealed cable through bracket design, Includes 32 Channel Geovision Software - 32 Channel NVR, Mobile Phone Remote Viewing from iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile, Free iPhone and Android apps provided, Built-in IR LED, One sensor input and alarm output, Motion detection, Tampering alarm, Privacy mask, IP address filtering, 3GPP/ISMA, DC12V / AC24V / PoE, Day / Night function, Varifocal megapixel lens, 16 languages on Web interface

    799,00 KMKUPI

  • NOVO

    GeoVision IP Kamera GV-FE111 1.3M Fisheye

    H264 1.3 MegaPixel Fisheye IP Camera, 360 and 180 Degreee Panoramic View, No mechanical moving parts, 15 FPS @ 1.3MP Resolution, Built in FishEye Lens, Dual Stream (H264/JPEG/MPEG4 Support), Built in Microphone and Speaker, 3GPP, PoE / 12VDC / 24VAC, Micro SD Card Support, Built in Video Tampering Alerts

    699,00 KMKUPI