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    Fallout 76 /PS4

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  • !!! SNIŽENO !!!

    Fallout 76 /XONE

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  • Far Cry - Collectors edition 1+2 /PC

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  • Far Cry 3 /PC

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  • Far Cry 5 /PS4

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  • Far Cry 5 / Far Cry New Dawn Set /PS4

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  • Far Cry New Dawn Standard Edtion /PS4

    Datum izlaska 15.2.2019. g. 10% popusta pred-narudžbu.

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  • Farming Simulator 19 /PS4

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  • Farpoint VR /Ps4

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  • Fear 3/ Xbox 360

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  • Fibaro - Door/Window Sensor White

    Door sensor can detect closing and opening of any door/window or garage door openings. Door Sensor can also be paired with DS18B20 to input temperature sensor. The Door / Window Sensor has a unique feature in which it can automatically trigger pre-programmed scenes. (may require compatible controller) The Door/Window Sensor is extremely compact and is the smallest unit of this type available on the market. Its extremely lightweight and thin design makes it almost invisible on any door/window. The Fibaro Door / Window Sensor is available in seven colors. Select the best color match to your home interior designs and enjoy the undisturbed beauty, security and comfort.

    110,00 KMKUPI

  • Fibaro - Flood Sensor

    The ultimate Z-Wave Plus water leak sensor/detector, with temperature and tilt sensor. Get alerted on your smartphone/tablet/email, trigger certain lights, activate specific scenes, or even sound an alarm when water is detected. Three 24K plated Gold telescopic feet always makes contacts with both even and uneven surfaces and never corrodes. Built-in temperature sensor can alert you if there is a sudden rise or fall in temperature, which can help prevent damage due to frozen pipes.

    135,00 KMKUPI

  • Fibaro - KeyFob

    The Fibaro keyfob lets you control and activate scenes or individual devices 6 touch-intuitive buttons allow you to configure 30 different actions: a single, double, triple click, or holding a button down. Additional 6 sequences can be programmed With one click, turn off just the lights, or, activate a “good bye” scene that turns off lights, locks the door and arms the alarm Keyfob comes with a fully customizable personal pin code to protect from unauthorized use

    122,00 KMKUPI

  • Fibaro - komplet Home Starter KIT EU

    HOME FIBARO Starter Kit is all you need to begin a smarter way of living. Check the endless possibilities of customization, adjust preferences and take care of your loved ones in a completely new way. Starter Kit will help you to save time and money. All of this and more with remote access to your home from any place in the world! Starter Kit is a set of FIBARO devices, which will allow you to implement basic functionalities of FIBARO home automation system. Installation is fast and easy, it does not require any changes to the structure of the building. The devices are ready to use in just a few minutes and they enrich any space with their unique, organic design.

    999,00 KMKUPI

  • Fibaro - Motion Sensor

    World’s smallest z-wave Multi-sensor detects motion, temperature, light and vibrations due to built-in accelerometer. Only 1 ¾” in diameter. Get alerted immediately on your smart phone, tablet, our email when there is motion detected. Trigger certain lights, activate specific scenes or even sirens if there is a threat Intelligent Object recognition- Can distinguish between a small pets or person. Adjustable sensitivity and indicator LED to persons liking. Multi Color LED eye visually display’s motion and temperature per user configuration settings. (LED eye can be turned off. Certain controllers may be required for advanced configuration) Built-in tamper protection alerts user if sensor has been moved and can even be used for Earthquake detection (Fibaro controller may be required for advanced configuration)

    127,00 KMKUPI

  • Fibaro - Smoke Sensor 2

    The Fibaro Smoke detector is a high quality, wireless, Z-Wave based smoke sensor. Designing it, Fibar Group engineers considered the fact that certain materials burn without emitting large amounts of smoke. Thats why the Z-Wave Smoke Detector by Fibaro has a built in temperature sensor. This means that the sensor reacts to even a small amounts of smoke when a fire starts, by detecting a rapid temperature rise. The Fibaro Smoke Sensor immediately informs of a detected threat through a built-in siren and LED signaling diode illumination. All detected events are recorded in the main controllers memory with alarm signals and information being sent to a suitable Z-Wave controller like the Fibaro HC2.

    145,00 KMKUPI

  • Fibaro - Wall Plug Type F

    The ultimate Z-Wave Plus power socket - control and monitor any appliance wirelessly. Wireless Z-Wave On/Off control of any appliance Beautiful colour LED ring tells you how much power is being used Monitor and analyse energy usage Integrated Z-Wave network range tester Z-Wave Plus Certified

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    Fidget Spinner

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  • Fidget Spinner

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