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  • SteelSeries Pro Gaming Tastatura 6Gv2

    Keyboard Dimensions: 448 x 135 x 38 mm , Palm Rest Dimensions: Unavailable, Weight: 1.2 kg, Anti-Ghosting: NKRO, limited to 6KRO USB operation, Switches: Mechanical Switches, Cherry MX-Black, 50 000 Keystrokes, 4 mm Total Hub, Layout German, Standard layout, Wired Connection: USB or PS/2 (via adapter), Wireless Connection: none

    197,10 KMKUPI

  • SteelSeries Tastatura APEX - Fnatic Edition

    Steelseries Apex Fnatic Gaming Keyboard, 88 (Via 4 Layers) Programmable Keys, 6 Multimedia Keys, 20 anti-ghosting keys, Activezone Lighting

    242,10 KMKUPI

  • SteelSeries Tastatura APEX 300

    Low-profile gaming keyboard built for speed, Fast Action Keys, Customization, Convenient Design, Advanced anti-ghosting and customizable keys, Exceptional Anti-ghosting, Easy WASD, Extra Keys, Customize it all - Illumination, macros, profiles and more, SteelSeries Engine 3, Comprehensive Macros, Personalize your style and features, Brilliant Illumination, Swappable Feet, SteelSeries Key

    161,10 KMKUPI

  • SteelSeries Tastatura APEX 350

    Low-profile and customizable, Fast-action Keys, Customization, Intuitive Design, Reliable key strikes, easy navigation and a cache of extra keys Superior Anti-ghosting, Easy WASD, Extra Keys, Powerful configuration options for macros, lighting and more, SteelSeries Engine 3, Comprehensive Macros, Plug And Play, Personalize your style and features, Activezone Lighting, Swappable Feet, Integrated USB Hub

    233,10 KMKUPI

  • SteelSeries Tastatura Apex RAW

    Low profile keys:- Yes, Backlight colour:- Bright white at 8 levels, Surface material/treatment:- Textured/Glossy, Anti-ghosting:- 6 simultaneous keypresses of 20 antighosting capable gaming keys, Macro keys:- 17, Macro layers:- 2, W-key with tactile bump:- Yes, Media keys:- Yes, through modifier key, Adjustable keyboard tilt:- Two angles (7° & 10°), SteelSeries Engine support*:- Yes, Rubber dome keys:- 5 mill. keystrokes

    161,10 KMKUPI

  • Steep /PS4

    69,00 KMKUPI

  • Sticker za Nintendo Switch

    25,00 KMKUPI

  • Sticker za PS4 - Zaštitna folija sa temom

    25,00 KMKUPI

  • Strange Brigade /PS4

    109,00 KMKUPI

  • Street Fighter Anniversary Edition /PS4

    79,00 KMKUPI

  • Street Fighter IV /PC

    19,00 KMKUPI

  • StronGhold 3 - Gold

    15,00 KMKUPI

  • Strujni Punjač/adapter za Tablete 5V 2A

    19,00 KMKUPI

  • Sunset Overdrive /Xbox1

    39,00 KMKUPI

  • NOVO

    Super Bomberman R /Switch

    99,00 KMKUPI

  • Super Mario Bros /Wii U

    39,00 KMKUPI

  • Super Mario Odyssey /Switch

    129,00 KMKUPI

  • Super Mario Party /Switch

    119,00 KMKUPI

  • NOVO

    Super Smash Bros Ultimate /Switch

    135,00 KMKUPI

  • Supreme Commander /PC

    9,00 KMKUPI